Michał Knapik's Home Page

I'm an assistant professor at ICS PAS. Earlier, I have been a postdoctoral researcher within Polish-Luxembourg VoteVerif project co-lead by Wojtek Jamroga. I defended a PhD thesis in Computer Science under supervision of Wojtek Penczek, also at ICS PAS.

So far, most my research was along the lines of specification and verification. I like both the theoretical and applied side of my work, and prefer to think of myself as an engineer with some math skills. I am always open to exciting opportunities from the industry and research community. It might sound cliché, but I do try to stay hungry, stay foolish, and love learning (albeit slowly) new things.

Contact: Michal.Knapik[LARCH]ipipan.waw.pl (put @ instead of the tree part!)

Selected Publications and Research

Most of the papers are downloadable PDFs. If you need a copy of something that is not available, please email me.

Theory of Distributed and Computing Systems Seminar

The seminar has been started by Wojtek Jamroga in 2015, I believe. The titles of the upcoming talks are always tentative and the talks are sometimes postponed or even canceled, so please send me an email if you wish to be informed in advance.

Upcoming talks

Date Title and Speaker

Past (since March 2019)

Date Title and Speaker
31.03.2022 Rajeev Gore (Australian National University and ICS PAS), And-Or Tableaux for Fixpoint Logics with Converse: LTL, CTL, PDL, and CPDL.
27.01.2022 Rajeev Gore (Australian National University and ICS PAS), CEGAR-Tableaux: improved modal satisfiability via modal clause-learning and SAT
18.11.2021 Agnieszka Zbrzezny, On Guaranteed Optimal Robust Explanations for NLP Models
14.10.2021 Magdalena Kacprzak, Wojciech Penczek, Artur Niewiadomski, Satisfiability Checking for Strategy Logic
16.09.2021 Rajeev Gore (Vienna University of Technology and ICS PAS), Open Problem: Complex Voting Schemes. A Formally Verified Single Transferable Vote Scheme with Fractional Values
8.07.2021 Witold Pazderski (UMK & IPI PAN), Real-Time Exploration of Data
17.06.2021 Federica Adobbati (UNIMIB), Verification of properties on partially observable Petri nets
10.06.2021 Dilian Gurov (KTH), Knowledge-Based Strategies for Multi-Player Games with Imperfect Information
20.05.2021 Teofil Sidoruk (IPI PAN), About paper: 'Myrto Arapinis, Véronique Cortier, Steve Kremer: When Are Three Voters Enough for Privacy Properties?'
29.04.2021 Damian Kurpiewski (IPI PAN), w STV+Reductions
25.03.2021 Łukasz Maśko (IPI PAN), Distributed Model Checking of Multi-Agent Systems
25.02.2021 Teofil Sidoruk (IPI PAN), Hackers vs. Security: Attack-Defence Trees as Asynchronous Multi-Agent Systems
18.02.2021 Iwo Błądek and Krzysztof Krawiec (PUT), Counterexample-Driven Genetic Programming: Stochastic Synthesis of Provably Correct Programs
28.I.2021 Włodzimierz Drabent (ICS PAS), Answer Set Programming pt. 2
21.I.2021 Włodzimierz Drabent (ICS PAS), Answer Set Programming pt. 1
3.12.2020 Łukasz Mikulski (UMK and ICS PAS), Synthesis and Analysis of Concurrent Processes in Step Sequence Semantics, pt. 2
26.11.2020 Łukasz Mikulski (UMK and ICS PAS), Synthesis and Analysis of Concurrent Processes in Step Sequence Semantics, pt. 1
22.10.2020 Wojtek Jamroga (ICS PAS and University of Luxembourg), Pretty Good Strategies for Benaloh Challenge
05.11.2020 Damian Kurpiewski (ICS PAS), Natural Strategic Abilities in Voting Protocols
1.10.2020 Yan Kim (University of Luxembourg), Towards Model Checking of Voting Protocols in Uppaal
16.07.2020 Michał Knapik (ICS PAS), Towards Reductions for Live-Reset Trees
02.07.2020 Artur Niewiadomski (UPH Siedlce), Evolutionary, symbolic, and hybrid algorithms for planning and web-service composition
4.06.2020 Damian Kurpiewski (ICS PAS), Pretty Good Strategies and How to Find Them
21.05.2020 Teofil Sidoruk (ICS PAS), A Short Overview of Partial Order Reduction
12.03.2020 Wiktor B. Daszczuk (Politechnika Warszawska, Wydział Elektroniki i Technik Informacyjnych) 2 wagabundów: niewyczerpująca weryfikacja modelowa w służbie znajdowania częściowych zakleszczeń w olbrzymich systemach rozproszonych
27.02.2020 Tomasz Kuchta (Samsung R&D) Popular Testing Techniques and Tools Used in the Industry
25.11.2019 Łukasz Mikulski (UMK), Reversing Steps in Petri Nets
7.11.2019 Kamila Barylska (UMK), Reversible Computation vs. Reversibility in Petri Nets
17.10.2019 Wojtek Jamroga (IPI PAN and University of Luxembourg), Some Things are Easier for the Dumb and the Bright Ones (Beware the Average!)
22.08.2019 Laure Petrucci (Université Paris 13), Squeezing State Spaces of (Attack-Defence) Trees
27.06.2019 Michał Knapik (ICS PAS) On Domination and Control in Strategic Ability
30.06.2019 Beata Konikowska (ICS PAS) Temporal logic for exploration systems
09.05.2019 Laure Petrucci (Université Paris 13) Minimal-Time Synthesis for Parametric Timed Automata
25.04.2019 Eryk Laskowski (ICS PAS) Równoważenie obciążenia w środowisku JPPF (ang. Java Parallel Processing Framework) z wykorzystaniem optymalizacji ekstremalnej
28.03.2019 Benjamin Bordais (ENS Rennes) Ride sharing platform vs Taxi platform: the impact on the revenue
21.03.2019 Jörg Keller (FernUniversität Hagen) Static Scheduling for Parallel Computing - Challenges, Approaches, Applications
14.03.2019 Andrzej Mizera (Univ. of Luxembourg): Divide & Control: A Decomposition-based Approach towards the Control of Boolean Networks