Paweł Teisseyre, PhD

R package: regRSM

Authors: Paweł Teisseyre, Robert A. Kłopotek

Description: Performs Random Subspace Method (RSM) for high-dimensional linear regression to obtain variable importance measures. The final model is chosen based on validation set or Generalized Information Criterion.

Available at: CRAN.

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Example real dataset: wiek.Rdata, wyn.Rdata described in Hannum et. al. "Genome-wide methylation profiles reveal quantitative views of human aging rates", Molecular Cell, vol. 49, no. 2, 359-67, 2013.

R package: interactionInfo

Authors: Paweł Teisseyre, Jan Mielniczuk

Description: Statistical tests for Interaction Information. The package contains 3 testing procedures: the first one is based on chi-squared distribution, the second one is a permutation test and the third one is a hybrid test which combines a chi-squared test and a permutation test.

Available at: GitHub

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