Title: Strategic Ability under Uncertainty
Authors: Wojciech Jamroga, Computational Intelligence Group, Clausthal University of Technology
   Wiebe van der Hoek, Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool

Modal logics of strategic ability form one of the fields where logic and game theory can successfully meet. This paper reports research in progress on ATOL, a logic designed to capture strategic properties of agents under incomplete information. The notation and terminology, chosen originally for ATOL, were rather unfortunate. Moreover, ATOL needs a large number of modal operators in order to express properties of agents. We rewrite the syntax and semantics of ATOL, using an easier-to-read notation, and more natural terminology. More importantly, we propose an alternative “take” on ATOL, in which simple cooperation modalities can be combined with epistemic operators into sufficiently expressive formulae. This new version of ATOL is no less expressive than the older version, while retaining the same complexity of model checking.

Keywords: alternating-time logic, epistemic logic, strategic ability, incomplete information, multi-agent systems.

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