Title: Towards a Theory of Intention Revision
Authors: Wiebe van der Hoek, Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool
   Wojciech Jamroga, Department of Informatics, Clausthal University of Technology
   Michael Wooldridge, Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool

Although the change of beliefs in the face of new information has been widely studied with some success, the revision of other mental states has received little attention from the theoretical perspective. In particular, intentions are widely recognised as being a key attitude for rational agents, and while several formal theories of intention have been proposed in the literature, the logic of intention revision has been hardly considered. There are several reasons for this: perhaps most importantly, intentions are very closely connected with other mental states --- in particular, beliefs about the future and the abilities of the agent. So, we cannot study them in isolation. We must consider the interplay between intention revision and the revision of other mental states, which complicates the picture considerably. In this paper, we present some first steps towards a theory of intention revision. We develop a simple model of an agent's mental states, and define intention revision operators. Using this model, we develop a logic of intention dynamics, and then investigate some of its properties.

Keywords: Intention Revision, BDI Agents, Belief Change, Practical Reasoning.

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