Title: A Logic for Reasoning about Rational Agents: Yet Another Attempt
Authors: Nils Bulling, Computational Intelligence Group, Clausthal University of Technology
   Wojciech Jamroga, Computational Intelligence Group, Clausthal University of Technology

We propose a new version of ATLP ("ATL with plausibility"), a logic for reasoning about the outcome of rational play in game-like scenarios. Unlike in our CLIMA'07, where two different extensions of \ATL were used for specifying rationality and reasoning about agents' behavior, we now propose that rationality specifications can be written in ATLP itself, and nested in ATLP formulae. We believe that the new version is more elegant, and also more flexible and expressive. Finally, we present some ATLP characterizations of solution concepts and discuss the notion of qualitative solution concept, based on winning conditions defined by temporal path formulae.

Keywords: multi-agent systems, game theory, temporal logic, rationality.

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