That's me

What else...?

I'm interested in music, especially 70s and 80s rock: Marillion, Dire Straits, Waterboys, Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, U2, Runrig, Fleetwood Mac... - too many to mention. Also: history, reading books (crime/suspense stories by Hammond Innes, Raymond Chandler, and Sue Grafton are my favourites). Playing Bridge, drinking beer & wine with my wife and my friends. I like trekking (walking in the mountains, cycling, canoeing, yachting etc.), although we have been travelling by car more than any other means for the last few years. I'm a member of the Student Trekking Club "FIFY". I was even the president of the Club some time ago.

What else? Well, I'm married and I've got four :-) kids so far. Having children (and really being with them, you know) is like survival: only you're usually left on a deserted island with a broken knife and a box of matches just for a week, and here you have to survive 20 years. Recommended for all the quiet, tough guys, who don't even know they are tough. And remember - women do it as a natural thing. They are really tough!

I wonder what it's like to have three teenagers at home, all of them in their adolescence period. If we can survive that, we will survive everything. ;-)

The Chief

I love Poland, my home country - for me it's the most beautiful place in the world. I like Gdansk - the city I come from - very much, with its old architecture and 1000 years long history built by Pomeranians, Germans and Poles (with some influence from Dutchmen and Scots, too). I enjoy visiting new places, but wherever I may be at the moment - Gdansk remains my real place on earth. My home.

Anyway, there are some references to the Web sites I use most frequently. Mostly concerning music, I'm afraid...

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